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  • Baltic Stem Cell Bank – The Most Successful Young Hi-tech Company 2011 Nominee

    We are very proud to announce that Baltic Stem Cell Bank was nominated for The Most Successful Young Hi-Tech Company 2011 Award.

  • Artificial trachea implantation

    Scientists designed synthetic windpipe and implanted for a patient in Sweden, Karolinska University Hospital. Trachea scaffold was developed using nanocomposite polymer and patient's stem cells were incorporated to it. More details and full article about this scientific achievement read here.



  • Investors in Lithuania haven't "found" stem cells yet

    Laimonas Griskevicius, Head Hematology, Oncology and Transfusion Centre in Vilnius Santariskes clinics, says that stem cell transplantation in medicine in not something new: "Many years we perform bone marrow transplantations using stem cells that are producing blood. It is true, that many fields of medicine starting from hematology to dentistry have ideas how to use stem cells for their patients."

  • Clinical trials: brain injury and cord blood stem cells

    In year 2011 many new clinical trials began in cord blood stem cell field. On January 5th Texas Health Science Centre in Houston announced about new I stage clinical trials, investigating patient's own cord blood stem cell therapeutic effectives in treating brain injuries.