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Stem cells provide a way to get rid of wrinkles 2012-07-30

It is widely known that stem cells can be used in life-saving treatments for deadly diseases. Now they are being used in the fight against wrinkles.


The 64-year-old retired teacher Donna Pritchit recently had a "stem cell" makeover. She headed into the operating room wanting to turn back the hands of time without it being totally obvious. "I don't want someone to stop and go by and say ‘Oh, she had a facelift.' I want to have someone say ‘Donna went on vacation she must be having a great life,'" she said. She also hoped it would be her last step in getting rid of embarrassing acne scars.


The outpatient procedure began with traditional liposuction, and then doctors processed that fat and concentrated the stem cells so they could be injected into Pritchit's wrinkles and in places where she has lost fullness.


Skin cells are like people. They start off fresh and full of energy. As time passes, every cell loses strength and becomes more independent as its surrounding tissue deteriorates and simply runs slower and rougher. The result is progressive aging over the entire body. Just as with humans, cells need other cells for information, support, nourishment and direction. For skin to work the way it does, every cell must work in perfect unison with its surrounding tissue. Stem cells in general are the cells in your body that regenerate tissue and gave an impuls for other cells to regenerate as well. So they make the skin look beautiful and younger. 


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